Sunday, January 2, 2011

Twittering and 2011

        A new year, another attempt at making this blog something I actually update regularly. I plan to do so, which may be good news or bad news for those who were reading it regularly before. The good news is my posting should be done more frequently. The bad news, possibly, is that part of posting more frequently will be due to the fact that the posts will not all be the politically/socially themed rants that a lot of them have been. I will still comment on news and social issues, but I'm going to write about other things as well. The fact of the matter is that the infrequency of posts before came from me tending to focus on writing those types of posts, which involved a bit of research because if I'm going to make an argument about something, I want to be sure no one can point out an obvious mistake I've made. Doing that research takes time, as does actually writing the post and then editing it before posting and frankly, I have other responsibilities that take precedence. If I ever turn my hobby of writing into a job, then I can devote more time to this, but not right now.
        So I'm going to do something that goes against some of the common wisdom about writing blogs, I'm NOT going to have a particular theme to this blog. A definite point of view, yes, but a theme, no. If you were reading this blog before just to see who I would be tearing a new one this time, you may be disappointed. I hope not. I hope that whatever I decide to write about will be written well enough that you will want to read it no matter what it is.
        Also, I am no longer going to ask people to comment so that I know you're reading. Of course, I do encourage you to comment, but I can just look at the stats to see how many people are reading, so if you want to lurk, go right ahead. I will just say one thing, though. If you're not commenting because you're worried about me unleashing the same vitriol on you that I unleash on some of the subjects of my posts, I assure you I won't do that (unless of course, you write something really ignorant that deserves scorn heaped upon it).
        I also want to let you know that I'm on Twitter as well. My name (or whatever the specific term is for it on Twitter) is @WordsInTheStone. (No "The" at the beginning). You don't have to sign up for Twitter to read my "tweets", just do a search for @WordsInTheStone on the home page. Speaking of Twitter, I have 4 followers, 3 of which I'm not sure where they came from. Only one of them follows someone that I do. I've never commented on the tweets of the mutual person we follow and I doubt my follower looked through our mutual person's over 1,000,000 followers and decided to follow me. The other two, who I just picked up within the last few hours don't even share one person in common with me. The two of them seem to follow a lot of the same people though and neither one has done any tweeting of their own yet, which makes me even more confused. I've had a few "followers" who were obviously either some type of performer who was obviously following as many people as possible in the hopes they would be followed back and be able to talk about how many followers they have. Others have obviously been spam. But these don't seem to fit into either of those categories, so I'm wondering if they read the blog and decided to see if I was on Twitter as well. If you're one of those 3 people and that's how you found me, let me know. If you don't follow me on Twitter now, but you decide to, send me a "tweet" to let me know you found me through the blog. I know I said I'm not worried about comments any more, but if you find my blog interesting enough that you want to read my "tweets" as well, I'd really like to know that. Besides, if you want me to follow you back, that is the best way to make it happen. I'm not inclined to follow people who seem to be following me at random in the hopes that I'll follow them back and boost their numbers.

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