Monday, January 31, 2011

Pro Bowl quarterbacks of the future?

" Looks like someone has taken the first step towards becoming an All Pro QB #AnimalCruelty #MichaelVickIsAScumbag"

    The above was what I put on Twitter this morning. The day after everyone is cheering  for that waste of human flesh Michael Vick in the Pro Bowl, this story was all over the news in Baltimore. What's described in this story isn't that far off from what he did. The only difference is these scumbags only got sick amusement out of it. Vick got sick amusement AND money.
    This is the kind of person so many you have forgiven. The person many of you have managed to forgive because he's a really good football player. It's this mentality that is the reason people like Ray Lewis and Donte Stallworth are playing for the Ravens. Just like Michael Vick, it doesn't matter what you've done. If you've got skills, people will forgive and forget anything. Refuse to help the police in the investigation of a double homicide? No problem if you're a great defensive player. Kill someone while driving drunk? Well, can you catch a football? If so, no problem. Did you torture and kill dogs? Did you have them tear each other apart for your amusement and profit? That's ok, if you can throw a football really well. Heck, you might even get your teammates to unanimously vote for you for the Ed Block courage award (because it takes so much courage to commit animal cruelty and then come back to the job that gives you fame and fortune) and be voted into the Pro Bowl.
     Michael Vick is scum. I don't care what that sanctimonious jackass Tony Dungy says. I don't care what that fat piece of crap Andy Reid says. Vick is scum and anyone who roots for him is too.

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