Friday, January 21, 2011

Mark Harris and Ricky Gervais

     Some people might consider today's post a bit of a cheat because once again, it is partly a letter to the editor of a magazine, but oh well, deal.
     This whole so-called "controversy" over the jokes Ricky Gervais made while hosting the Golden Globes really bugs me. They were JOKES, people. And, you know, sometimes jokes aren't nice. In fact, they almost always aren't. Someone or something is usually the butt of the joke. I'll admit that comedians can sometimes go beyond what some people consider good taste. But a joke pointing out what everyone knows about what a farce the Golden Globes are ? A joke about Robert Downey Jr. having been a drug addict ? These are horrible ? Please !
     What makes it worse is we're supposed to feel sorry for these movie stars. "Oh no, Ricky Gervais made a joke about me, nobody's ever done THAT before. I'm going to go home to my mansion and wipe my tears with $100 bills." To any movie star who got their feelings hurt, why you don't go talk to some of the people who have lost their jobs and homes and tell them how rough you have it and how much you suffered that night.
     Anyway, today, I was reading the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly (1/28/11). And before you say anything, I have never claimed that everything I read is of the highest intellectual caliber, ok ? It's not surprising to find celebrity ass-kissing and poor judgment in this magazine. In the same issue, they had a page devoted to "Under-rated movies". One of the movies included ? "Joe Vs. The Volcano". That movie isn't under-rated, it is a total and complete piece of garbage. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are lucky that people haven't sued them for compensation for that 102 minutes of their life they'll never get back. A regular columnist for the magazine, Mark Harris wrote a column in this issue basically whining about how mean Ricky Gervais was. I wrote the following letter in response, I meant to include a comment similar to the one in the paragraph above commenting on the stars' "suffering" vs real suffering, but I forgot. I think this still works, though. Hope you enjoy it.

  I have to thank Mark Harris for opening my eyes with his latest column ("Icky Ricky", 1/28/11). Sure, the Golden Globes only exist so that members of the HFPA can mingle with movie stars and, yes, those stars tend to be spoiled, pampered multi-millionaires who attend this event knowing full well they usually haven't done anything to deserve any kind of award and, all right, NBC did run promos where Ricky Gervais said he was going to do exactly what he did that evening. But, hey, he was just such a big meanie, right Mark ?
    Maybe next year they can just have someone get up there and tell knock knock jokes. Heck, maybe Mark Harris could do it himself, that is if he can pry his lips away from the nearest celebrity's ass long enough.


  1. I don't agree with your comments about Joe Versus The Volcano but your certainly not in a minority with your opinion.
    Good luck with your blog in the future,I hope you can manage to get some followers soon:)

  2. This is a revised reply to this comment. After thinking about it,I somehow remembered that Joe's last name in that movie was Banks. If this was posted by someone I know,next time, don't try to be cute and make me think someone outside my circle commented. If it is someone I don't know,I have to wonder if your well wishes about the blog were supposed to be sarcastic. Unlike Robert Downey, Jr.,however,I can take a joke,so I'm leaving your comment up. Oh, and by the way, your page view still counts in my stats whether you like the blog or not.