Monday, April 30, 2012

Audience of one

        If you are one of the people who checks this blog regularly looking for an update, you may be a little disappointed in today's post, because it's really directed at one individual. You may still find it interesting, though.
        This is directed at an individual who I will only refer to as "R". I don't think he would care if I put his full name up since he put his e-mail in a comment that I could potentially put up for everyone to see, but I think I'd rather handle it this way.
        R has posted a couple of "comments" on my blog. I put comments in quotes because they are actually inquiries about buying my Twitter name @WordsInTheStone.
        R, I checked out your info (what little there is of it) on the student directory of your university. It's a state university. There's no indication that you are a member of the football, baseball, or basketball team. Your major  isn't one that I would consider to have huge earning potential.
        In other words, R, there's nothing to indicate that you have, or will have in the future, any money. I don't see any way for you to buy my Twitter name. Of course, I could be wrong. You could actually be an undergrad pursuing a liberal arts degree at a public university who happens to have some money stashed away.    
        It could be the case that you're just going to college because you're interested in education for its' own sake and not because you want a degree to help land you a job and you didn't want to go to some stuffy elite private university, so you went to the public one instead, but I doubt it. If I'm wrong, please feel free to make an offer. Keep in mind, for me to even think about it, the minimum would be in the five figure range. If you were thinking a couple hundred bucks would do it, please don't waste my time or yours asking about it again.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

F the JREF

      As anyone who has been reading this blog regularly knows, last year, the JREF was asking for submissions for guest posts and I submitted one which was rejected. I posted it on this blog (Comfortable Accommodations - 2/26/11). I didn't totally buy the reasoning behind the rejection and the more I looked at it, the more I thought  I was sure of what the real reason was and I blogged about it (Burning Bridges - 4/20/11). This past Thursday, I saw something that seemed to me to be more evidence that the reason I was given for my post being rejected was BS. On that day (1/26), the JREF put up a post entitled "Loving A Conspiracy Theorist". It was about the author's relationship with his girlfriend who is a conspiracy theorist and his willingness to live with that and his overall attitude that it's ok for non-believers to have relationships with believers. Sound familiar?
       I'm not going to go over my whole argument again about why I think my post was rejected. You can read the "Burning Bridges" post if you're interested in that. All I'll say now is that I find the fact that this post (written by one of their research fellows) was put up while mine was rejected to be further proof that I'm right. Accommodation is ok with the JREF.......but only towards certain people. Screw them.